July 13: Some Call it Karma

July 13 Devotional

Here we are confronted with a great truth: sometimes God’s most severe judgment can simply be to leave people to their own devices.

July 12: Face to Face with God

July 12 Devotional

It is good to think about God and study his character and attributes, but there comes a moment when we have to confront him face-to-face.

July 11: He Who Avenges Blood

July 11 Devotional

The vengeance of God is another tricky subject. For that reason, we need to remember: God’s vengeance is not about “getting even” but about bringing justice to the afflicted.

July 8: He Is Faithful

July 8 Devotional

In a world where so few people seem worthy of our confidence, how refreshing it is to know that we can trust God fully.

July 6: He Sits Enthroned Forever

July 6 Devotional

Sometimes it seems like the wicked rulers of this earth will live forever. They appear invincible to any attempt to bring them to justice. But these verses remind us to lift up our eyes and see events from an eternal perspective.

July 5: The Power of Memory

July 5 Devotional

Memory is a powerful thing. These verses encourage us to remember what God has done for us. To talk about it. To sing about it.