Why Further Up?

Simply put, Further Up exists to help people grow closer to God every day.

My goal is to create high-quality content that makes it simple to connect with God.

I believe that God genuinely wants to be close to us, and that he has made connection with him simple: if we seek him, we will find him.

The problem is that we often get distracted and forget that he is with us, like Jacob who proclaimed after a dramatic encounter with God, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it” (Gen. 28:16 ESV).

My vision is to see people everywhere transformed by a real, day-to-day connection with God. In other words, to be constantly aware that “the Lord is in this place.”

The Daily Thoughts and the resources in Go Deeper are all focused on that goal: to help people grow closer to God every day.

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