February 18: Wait For The Lord

Wait for the Lord

To wait for the Lord is to count on him. To place our confidence in him. To be strong and let our heart take courage. What (or whom) are you waiting for?

February 17: In The Land Of The Living

In the land of the living

We are strangers and exiles on this earth, and we should not seek our reward in this life. That being said, we should not think that God has abandoned us here in this “land of the living.” No, he is with us, and he is good.

February 16: Teach Me Your Way

Teach me your way

Now, God’s way may lead us through the “valley of the shadow of death,” but we can be sure of this: his path is always the safest place to be.

February 14: Hide Not Your Face From Me

Hide not your face from me

Just like David, who wrote this Psalm, I think all of us have reached moments when it felt like God was hiding from us.How refreshing to know that we are not alone.

February 13: Seek My Face

Seek my face

Perhaps so many of us feel far from God not because he isn’t near, but because we aren’t actually seeking him.

February 12: I Will Shout For Joy

I will shout for joy

I’m not a very loud person, and shouting really isn’t my thing. But I found the language of Psalm 27:5-6 very refreshing. There’s something powerful in that idea of taking a moment to reflect on God’s faithfulness and to express our gratitude to him.

February 11: One Think I Ask

One thing I ask

I often start my day with several tasks and projects on my mind, and no lack of requests for God. This Psalm reminds me that there is power in seeking one thing.