January 17: The Angry Older Brother

The angry older brother

We were all once the “Prodigal Son,” but if we are not careful we can easily become the older brother. It is in that dangerous place of thinking that we can earn God’s love that we are capable of condemning our brothers and sisters whom Jesus died to save.

January 2: New Wine

New Wine

Jesus said that if you want new wine (the new thing that God is doing), you have to be like a new wineskin. What did he mean by that? Here’s my take:

January 1: I Must Decrease

I must decrease

This leads us all to a crucial question: what are we trying to accomplish in this life? Do we desire to increase in influence, build a following, and make a name for ourselves? Or is our greatest goal to “prepare the way” and help others know Jesus? The answer to that question makes all the difference.

November 21: Drop The Stones

Drop the stones

How different would our world be if everyone were so busy lifting others up that they didn’t have time to throw stones?

November 18: Too Familiar

Too Familiar

Have you ever felt like you had Jesus completely figured out? So did the people from his hometown, and they limited him by their lack of faith.

November 14 – Teach Me

Teach me

Here’s the problem: as long as we insist that we have all the answers, we won’t be able to learn anything new.

November 4: Lead Me

Person walking into distance

These are humbling words. To be able to say “lead me” we need to recognize that we don’t know the way.