February 18: Wait For The Lord

Wait for the Lord

To wait for the Lord is to count on him. To place our confidence in him. To be strong and let our heart take courage. What (or whom) are you waiting for?

February 17: In The Land Of The Living

In the land of the living

We are strangers and exiles on this earth, and we should not seek our reward in this life. That being said, we should not think that God has abandoned us here in this “land of the living.” No, he is with us, and he is good.

February 16: Teach Me Your Way

Teach me your way

Now, God’s way may lead us through the “valley of the shadow of death,” but we can be sure of this: his path is always the safest place to be.

February 7: I Will Give You Rest

I will give you rest

There are many who have created their own burdens. They think that they will please God through their good deeds and strive every day to be worthy of his love. They are like an animal working in the field that is carrying a yoke too heavy for one alone.

January 23: It Had To Happen

It had to happen

Many events simply don’t make sense at the moment, but years later we discover that even the bad things that happened to us were an essential part of making us who we are today. Trust the process. Or better said, trust God in the process.

January 20: The Word Of The Lord Tested Him

The word of the Lord tested him

Don’t despise the process that you are passing through. If you allow God to do his work in it, you will come out on the other side more humble, more dependent on God and more prepared to live well in the fulfillment of his promises.

January 19: The Lord Was With Joseph

The Lord was with Joseph

Joseph was a slave in a foreign land, but Genesis 39:2 tells us that he prospered. How? Because the Lord was with him. And God’s presence changes everything.

January 18: Dreams Others Don’t Understand

Dreams others don't understand

Remember this: the fact that a dream or aspiration comes from God doesn’t mean that others will accept it as such or like it. The good news is that the fulfillment of dreams doesn’t depend on other people but on God.

January 14: When You Don’t Feel Like Seeking God

When you don't feel like seeking God

All of us reach moments in our journey where we don’t feel like seeking God. That is normal. And if that describes your situation today, I want to point out a simple truth from the Bible that might just revolutionize your relationship with God: you can ask God to give you the desire to seek him.

January 13: A Clean Slate

A clean slate

When we approach God to pray, the first thing that often comes to mind is our mistakes. Perhaps there have been times when you didn’t even dare to pray because of the guilt and shame that you felt. The only antidote is the Gospel.

January 12: Get Behind Me Satan

Get behind me satan

Satan tempted Jesus to circumvent God’s plan and take a shortcut to power and glory, but both in the desert and in his conversation with Peter, Jesus refused the easy way.

January 11: A Face In The Crowd

A face in the crowd

You are not just a face in the crowd or a number in a church’s attendance report. Luke 15:4, Hebrews 12:2 and Isaiah 53:11 teach us a startling truth: On the cross Jesus was thinking of you. Remember that today.

January 6: They Begged Him To Leave

They begged him to leave

They begged him to leave. These words are strange when we consider that Jesus “could no longer openly enter a town” (Mk. 1:45) because so many people would crowd together to see the rabbi from Nazareth who cast out demons and healed the sick.

January 5: The Lord Is King

The Lord Is King

If we’re going to avoid throwing in the towel and giving up on ever seeing justice in our world, it’s time that we received a new perspective: God’s perspective.

January 2: New Wine

New Wine

Jesus said that if you want new wine (the new thing that God is doing), you have to be like a new wineskin. What did he mean by that? Here’s my take: