January 14: When You Don’t Feel Like Seeking God

When you don't feel like seeking God

All of us reach moments in our journey where we don’t feel like seeking God. That is normal. And if that describes your situation today, I want to point out a simple truth from the Bible that might just revolutionize your relationship with God: you can ask God to give you the desire to seek him.

December 29: He Answered Me

He answered me

To draw near to God we just need to understand these basic truths: One – God exists. Two – He is listening. Three – When we seek him we will find him (he is the reward).

December 27: I Don’t Remember

I don't remember

How would your relationship with God change if you actually believed that he didn’t remember your sins? You would probably pray with more confidence and stop beating yourself up for your past mistakes. In other words, you would be freer and closer to God than ever before.

November 12 – A Voice From Heaven

A Voice From Heaven

Here’s a thought: maybe we often fail to hear the voice of God not because he isn’t speaking clearly but because we’re unable to recognize him?

November 9: Honest Prayers

Honest Prayers

The danger of hiding our anger from God is that in our polite dishonesty we are hiding the very part of us that he wants to heal.

November 6: To Be Seen

Person on mountain

If we do any “spiritual activity” to win people’s applause, we have missed the point and will not receive the reward of God’s presence because we weren’t even looking for it in the first place.

November 3: A New Way to Pray

Majestic Mountain View

Jesus doesn’t invite us to pray to a far-off, impersonal God but to our Father. When we understand this it will change the way we pray.