November 9: Honest Prayers

November 9: Honest Prayers

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Chris Rowekamp

“My soul also is greatly troubled. But you, O Lord – how long?”
— Ps. 6:3 ESV

These are desperate words.

Many of us have been taught not to complain to God because it is disrespectful.

And yet these words are in the Psalms, the book that Eugene Peterson called “God’s school of prayer.”

The danger of hiding our anger from God is that in our polite dishonesty we are hiding the very part of us that he wants to heal.

It is time that we learned to come before God in brutal honesty. The Psalms make it clear that God won’t be offended. In fact, he delights in hearing our troubles and carrying our burdens.

Take some time to read the Psalms. Not just the “pretty” ones, but the gritty, angry and impolite ones as well.

You’ll begin to see that God’s school of prayer rejects sanitized, polished prayers and urges us instead to come to God just as we are.

Carry this simple prayer with you today.

Breathe in: God,
Breathe out: Help me be honest with you.

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  1. Thanks, Chris. It is good for us to pour out our hearts to God. He is the only one that can heal us. I have clung to the Psalms since my childhood. I look forward to receiving what God has put on your heart for us each day. Thank you. 🙏❤️

  2. It is very good. Just curious, I am thinking if people sign up for this via email. Won’t it only be going to Christians Christians? Could it be done via fb so it could be shared with unbelievers as well?

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