February 18: Wait For The Lord

Wait for the Lord

To wait for the Lord is to count on him. To place our confidence in him. To be strong and let our heart take courage. What (or whom) are you waiting for?

February 9: Torn In Two

Torn in two

It’s simple: thanks to Jesus we have direct access to God. Remember that today and enter his presence with confidence.

February 8: Imitate Me

Imitate me

Could you tell the people around you to imitate everything you do? Are you confident enough about your way of life to tell others to follow your example?

January 18: Dreams Others Don’t Understand

Dreams others don't understand

Remember this: the fact that a dream or aspiration comes from God doesn’t mean that others will accept it as such or like it. The good news is that the fulfillment of dreams doesn’t depend on other people but on God.

January 13: A Clean Slate

A clean slate

When we approach God to pray, the first thing that often comes to mind is our mistakes. Perhaps there have been times when you didn’t even dare to pray because of the guilt and shame that you felt. The only antidote is the Gospel.

January 4: My Enemy Will Not Triumph Over Me

My enemy will not triumph over me

David, the writer of this Psalm, bases his assurance of God’s love not on a past event but on a future one. Let’s be honest: at first glance that seems a little odd. How can he do that?

January 3: You Delight In Me

You delight in me

Today’s thought is very simple, and I think that’s exactly what I need sometimes. Not to understand some complicated concept from the Bible, but to meditate on a simple, profound truth like this: God delights in me.

January 1: I Must Decrease

I must decrease

This leads us all to a crucial question: what are we trying to accomplish in this life? Do we desire to increase in influence, build a following, and make a name for ourselves? Or is our greatest goal to “prepare the way” and help others know Jesus? The answer to that question makes all the difference.

December 31: Things Never Seen Before

Things never seen before

There may be nothing new under the sun, but we serve a God who is not contained by our solar system. He can create something out of nothing and do things never seen before. As we approach the start of a new year, let him give you hope for something new.

November 24: The Little Details

The Little Details

It is easy to imagine that God has more important things to worry about than the little details of our lives. And yet Psalm 8 emphatically tells us that he loves us.

November 3: A New Way to Pray

Majestic Mountain View

Jesus doesn’t invite us to pray to a far-off, impersonal God but to our Father. When we understand this it will change the way we pray.