July 4: O Lord, Our Lord

July 4 Devotional

He is Yahweh, the God of all creation. And he is also Adonai, our Lord. One who takes the personal responsibility to lead and care for us. Both great and near.

July 1: Borrowed Glory

July 1 Devotional

God made us a little lower than the “Elohim,” the heavenly beings, translated as “angels” in the NIV. This should give us confidence: we have a high calling. It should also humble us because our glory is a gift from God.

June 30: Who Am I?

June 30 Devotional

Surely God has more important things to worry about than the little details of our lives. And yet Psalm 8 emphatically tells us that he does notice us. And he cares for us.

June 29: His Greatness and Nearness

June 29 Devotional

And that is one of the great paradoxes of Scripture: God is unfathomably great, impossibly huge, and yet he dwells with the “least of these.”