May 26: Breathe Easy

May 26 Devotional

When we, like David, realize that God is the one who guards us, we will be able to find peace even in the most dire of circumstances.

May 25: Don’t Make It Complicated

May 25 Devotional

Even if the situation you’re in is largely your responsibility (in David’s case it was), don’t rush to figure out what you can “fix” or how you can “convince” God to help you. Just cry out to God. He will make the path forward clear to you.

May 24: Opinions Abound

May 24 Daily Devotional

Opinions about God abound, but at the end of the day they don’t matter. What matters, when you reach your darkest moment, is how well you know God.

May 23: Selah

May 23 Daily Devotional

So the lesson for you and me today is this: don’t rush it. Whatever you’re going through today, bring it to God. Be honest with him about it.