May 25: Don’t Make It Complicated

May 25: Don’t Make It Complicated

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Chris Rowekamp

“I cried aloud to the Lord,
and he answered me from his holy hill.”
—Psalm 3:4 ESV

In the first two verses David explained his situation (desperate), and in the third verse he declared his confidence in God’s protection.

Here in verse 4 David explains one of the reasons he is so confident.

You see, God has answered his prayers before.

It’s simple: at some point in the past he was in a bind, he cried to God, and God answered.

And he is confident God will do it again.

If you’re in a tough spot today, remember these two lessons:

First, like David, remember the times that God has answered your prayers in the past. That will help you gain a better perspective on your current situation.

And second, don’t make it complicated.

In these verses David says nothing about doing anything to earn God’s help or favor. The only thing he did was cry out for help.

Even if the situation you’re in is largely your responsibility (in David’s case it was), don’t rush to figure out what you can “fix” or how you can “convince” God to help you.

Just cry out to him.

He will make the path forward clear to you.

Here is a short prayer to help you invite God into every moment of your day:

Inhale: God,
Exhale: I cry out to you.

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