February 5: Little Miracles

Little Miracles

When we focus on “today” we will discover that God is working on our behalf in countless ways that we weren’t even aware of.

January 21: God Meant It For Good

God meant it for good

Joseph’s response shows that he understood a crucial truth: in the midst of his pain and suffering as a slave and a prisoner in Egypt, God was working out a greater plan.

January 20: The Word Of The Lord Tested Him

The word of the Lord tested him

Don’t despise the process that you are passing through. If you allow God to do his work in it, you will come out on the other side more humble, more dependent on God and more prepared to live well in the fulfillment of his promises.

January 10: I Earned This

I earned this

Joy and generosity in the face of loss can only come from an understanding that everything belongs to God and all that we have is a gift from him.

January 9: Full Of Grace And Truth

Full of grace and truth

It is amazing to me that Jesus unapologetically preached a Scripture-based morality, and yet people with questionable morals were drawn to him in an almost inexplicable way. How can it be that these people did not feel judged by Jesus and his teaching?

January 7: In All That He Does, He Prospers

In all that he does, he prospers

This Psalm speaks of the person who delights in the Scriptures and meditates on them day and night. This person is like a tree planted by streams of water, with constant access to sustenance. No matter the weather that tree will grow, and in its season it will bear fruit.

January 5: The Lord Is King

The Lord Is King

If we’re going to avoid throwing in the towel and giving up on ever seeing justice in our world, it’s time that we received a new perspective: God’s perspective.