February 5: Little Miracles

February 5: Little Miracles

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Chris Rowekamp

“Give us today our daily bread.”
—Matthew 6:11 NIV

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Matthew 6:9-13, he told them to ask God for their “daily bread.”

I love the simplicity of that request.

He didn’t say “our bread for tomorrow” or “our bread for the whole year.” Just “our daily bread.”


Maybe because when we worry too much about tomorrow we forget to be grateful for the “little miracles” God is doing today.

For instance, simply waking up in the morning is a miracle. Countless processes operate without our conscious awareness to make life possible: the respiratory system provides us with oxygen, the circulatory system distributes blood throughout our body, the digestive system converts food into usable energy, and so on.

When we focus on “today” we will discover that God is working on our behalf in countless ways that we weren’t even aware of.

Keep it simple today. Ask God for what you need, thank him for what he is doing, and place your future in his hands.

He will care for you.

Here is a simple prayer to carry with you today:

Breathe in: Jesus,
Breathe out: Give me what I need today.

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