January 18: Dreams Others Don’t Understand

Dreams others don't understand

Remember this: the fact that a dream or aspiration comes from God doesn’t mean that others will accept it as such or like it. The good news is that the fulfillment of dreams doesn’t depend on other people but on God.

January 14: When You Don’t Feel Like Seeking God

When you don't feel like seeking God

All of us reach moments in our journey where we don’t feel like seeking God. That is normal. And if that describes your situation today, I want to point out a simple truth from the Bible that might just revolutionize your relationship with God: you can ask God to give you the desire to seek him.

January 12: Get Behind Me Satan

Get behind me satan

Satan tempted Jesus to circumvent God’s plan and take a shortcut to power and glory, but both in the desert and in his conversation with Peter, Jesus refused the easy way.

January 1: I Must Decrease

I must decrease

This leads us all to a crucial question: what are we trying to accomplish in this life? Do we desire to increase in influence, build a following, and make a name for ourselves? Or is our greatest goal to “prepare the way” and help others know Jesus? The answer to that question makes all the difference.

December 26: A Greater Good

A Greater Good

There are many whose greatest good is “grain and new wine,” i.e. prosperity. But there is a joy that comes from something greater than the passing circumstances of life.

November 23: Inconvenient Miracles

Inconvenient Miracles

What if we stopped seeing interruptions as a nuisance to avoid and began to see them as opportunities to participate in the healing work that God is doing in this world?

November 22: Don’t Give Up

Don't give up

We don’t know exactly when we’ll see the results we’re looking for, but if we’re consistent in doing good we will reap a harvest.

November 5: In Its Season

Tree by source of water

Life has seasons, and not all of them are for producing fruit. Don’t be angry with yourself if you’re not seeing the “results” you want at this moment. If you are healthy, the results will come in their season.