June 13: Favor Like a Shield

June 12 Devotional

Choosing to obey God’s instruction is not an oppressive limitation of freedom but a door that leads us to true joy and liberation.

June 9: We Don’t Know The Way

June 9 2022 Devotional

It takes humility to pray these words. To say, “lead me,” you have to admit that you don’t know the way. And of course, we don’t.

June 8: Evil May Not Dwell With You

June 8 2022 Devotional

I love verse 7 because it reminds us of the variable that changes everything: God’s love. David doesn’t say that he will enter God’s house (the place of his presence) because he is without fault. He says that he will enter “through the abundance of (God’s) steadfast love.”

June 7: We Watch

June 7 2022 Devotional

And here’s the funny thing: in watching and waiting we discover that he was there all along. We just didn’t notice him.

June 6: To Be Heard

June 6 2022 Devotional

The more I study the Psalms the more I am convinced of this: deep within the heart of humankind is the need to be heard.