June 9: We Don’t Know The Way

June 9: We Don’t Know The Way

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Chris Rowekamp

“Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness
because of my enemies;
make your way straight before me.”
—Psalm 5:8 ESV

I think there’s a reason that the prideful (see v.5) can’t be close to God: because they aren’t willing to let him lead them.

You see, it takes humility to pray these words. To say, “lead me,” you have to admit that you don’t know the way.

And of course, we don’t.

We need God to show us what righteousness looks like.

We need God to lead us on a path that avoids the traps of our enemies.

Simply put, we need God.

And only through an attitude of dependence and humility can we find and follow the path that he has for us.

The good news is this: once you’ve walked on God’s path for some time, you’ll learn that it is the happiest and most liberating road there is.

Here is a short prayer to help you invite God into every moment of your day:

Inhale: God.
Exhale: I need you to lead me.

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