June 3: Addicted to Hustle

June 3: Addicted to Hustle

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Chris Rowekamp

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep;
for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”
—Psalm 4:8 ESV

We live in a culture addicted to “hustle”.

I wonder if so many of us are overworking ourselves because we don’t really trust that God will take care of us?

Think about it: why do we overwork? Sometimes because we think the extra finances will provide us with security. Sometimes because we find our value in our “usefulness” for others and for society.

Whether it’s financial security or social approval we’re seeking, at the core we’re looking for safety. Certainty in the storms of life.

And we think it’s up to us to find it.

That’s where Psalm 4:8 gives us a gentle (and much needed) reminder: God alone can provide us with security.

No savings account can truly shield you from disaster and no level of social acceptance or popularity can give you the value you seek.

Only when we learn to trust fully in God’s protection will we be able to abandon the “hustle” and find true peace.

Here is a short prayer to help you invite God into every moment of your day:

Inhale: You alone, Lord,
Exhale: Can give me peace.

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