January 25: He Delights In Mercy

He delights in mercy

Many think that God’s “modus operandi” is anger. They think that he is furious with us and that he will only change his attitude when we approach him in repentance for our sins. But if we think like that, we are reading the story backwards.

January 16: Lose The Speech

Lose the speech

The mistakes of your past do not affect the love that God has for you and they can’t cancel the purpose that He has for your life. Remember that when your past tries to convince you that you are unqualified to fulfill the calling that God has for you today.

January 15: The Short Road Home

The short road home

How good it is to know that God does not wait for us to solve our problems on our own, but as soon as we make the decision to return home he rushes out to meet us.