March 25 (Lent, Day 24): Leaving a Legacy

March 25 Lent Devotional

Yesterday we looked at the first two verses of this psalm, which explained that the person who fears the Lord will be blessed. In these verses the psalmist explains just what that blessing will be.

March 23 (Lent, Day 22): A Meaningful Life

March 23 Lent Devotional

These verses are, of course, speaking of the blessing of having children, but they’re not just speaking of that. They are speaking of transcendence: living a life that is not in vain (see verses 1-2) and makes a difference even after our lifetime.

March 20 (Lent, Day 19): Those Who Sow With Tears

March 20 Lent Devotional

Sometimes God’s deliverance comes suddenly, but other times the only thing moistening the dry ground is the tears we shed as we wait for God to bring rain. Either way, although we mourn we can have hope.

March 18 (Lent, Day 17): Crooked Paths

March 18 Lent Devotional

Just following “what feels good in the moment” will not lead us to life. That’s what Psalm 125 describes as a “crooked way”: a path that changes direction so often that you expend a lot of energy but don’t get very far.