January 18: Dreams Others Don’t Understand

Dreams others don't understand

Remember this: the fact that a dream or aspiration comes from God doesn’t mean that others will accept it as such or like it. The good news is that the fulfillment of dreams doesn’t depend on other people but on God.

December 27: I Don’t Remember

I don't remember

How would your relationship with God change if you actually believed that he didn’t remember your sins? You would probably pray with more confidence and stop beating yourself up for your past mistakes. In other words, you would be freer and closer to God than ever before.

November 20: Somebody Told Me

Somebody told me

It is one thing to have heard about Jesus. It is another thing entirely to know him. Don’t settle for hearsay about God.

November 12 – A Voice From Heaven

A Voice From Heaven

Here’s a thought: maybe we often fail to hear the voice of God not because he isn’t speaking clearly but because we’re unable to recognize him?

November 7: Slow To Speak

Slow to speak

How different would our world be if Christians were known for how they listened and not for what they said? James 1:19 teaches us that we can train ourselves to be slow to speak.