April 4 (Lent, Day 34): We Wait, and We Hope

April 4 (Lent, Day 34): We Wait, and We Hope

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Chris Rowekamp

Arise, O Lord, and enter your resting place, along with the Ark, the symbol of your power. May your priests be clothed in godliness; may your loyal servants sing for joy. For the sake of your servant David, do not reject the king you have anointed. The Lord swore an oath to David with a promise he will never take back: ‘I will place one of your descendants on your throne. If your descendants obey the terms of my covenant and the laws that I teach them, then your royal line will continue forever and ever.’”
—Psalm 132:8-12 NLT

As pilgrims made their way to Jerusalem they would sing these words and proclaim with confidence that a Messiah (“anointed one” in Hebrew) was coming.

These are words of hope: that God would establish his kingdom and that one of David’s descendants would rule it forever.

That they would no longer live in exile under tyrannical rulers but would have a place to call home.

In a New Testament context we know that Jesus is the promised Messiah, but like the ancient pilgrims who sang these verses we are also waiting to see his kingdom come.

For his kingdom is upon us, and yet it is not fully here.

And so we wait. And we hope.

And in the often confusing in-between we live lives that bring God’s kingdom to this earth as it is in heaven.

Here is a simple prayer to carry with you today:

Inhale: May your kingdom come
Exhale: On earth as it is in heaven.

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