April 3 (Lent, Day 33): Those Who Prepared the Way

April 3 (Lent, Day 33): Those Who Prepared the Way

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Chris Rowekamp

“Lord, remember David and all that he suffered. He made a solemn promise to the Lord. He vowed to the Mighty One of Israel, ‘I will not go home; I will not let myself rest. I will not let my eyes sleep nor close my eyelids in slumber until I find a place to build a house for the Lord, a sanctuary for the Mighty One of Israel.’ We heard that the Ark was in Ephrathah; then we found it in the distant countryside of Jaar. Let us go to the sanctuary of the Lord; let us worship at the footstool of his throne.”
—Psalm 132:1-7 NLT

Like all of the Psalms of Ascent, pilgrims would sing these words on their journey to worship in Jerusalem.

As they sang these verses they would remember the sacrifices that David made to make the building of the Temple, the destination of their pilgrimage, possible.

It is good to take a moment and thank God for all those who made it possible for us to worship God.

The people of faith in the story of the Bible who served God and left us an example to follow.

The people who showed us the love of God through their example and acts of kindness.

The people who shared the good news of God’s salvation through Jesus with us.

As you walk on this dusty pilgrim road, take a moment to remember and thank God for those people.

And let it spur you on to do the same for others.

Here is a simple thought to carry with you today:

Inhale: God I thank you
Exhale: For those who prepared the way.

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