June 30: Who Am I?

June 30 Devotional

Surely God has more important things to worry about than the little details of our lives. And yet Psalm 8 emphatically tells us that he does notice us. And he cares for us.

June 29: His Greatness and Nearness

June 29 Devotional

And that is one of the great paradoxes of Scripture: God is unfathomably great, impossibly huge, and yet he dwells with the “least of these.”

June 28: Thank You For Your Righteousness

June 28 Devotional

In a world where so many people twist justice to serve their own selfish ambition, it is fitting to thank God for his righteousness. Because he is impartial and just, and we can trust him.

June 27: They Fall Into the Hole That They Have Made

June 27 Daily Devotional

Repentance is almost a “bad word,” conjuring images of judgmental people holding a sandwich board with a list of the kinds of people who are going to hell. But the biblical idea of repentance actually points us to the goodness and mercy of God.

June 24: You Are My Shield

June 24 Daily Devotional

God’s judgment is about making things right. About restoring justice where it has been twisted. That is good news for some and terrifying news for others.

June 23: Righteous Anger

June 23 Daily Devotional

God’s anger is different from ours: it is righteous. And it is the only reasonable response to pure evil.

June 21: Deliver Me

June 21 Daily Devotional

David was hiding in caves and strongholds, but he recognized a key truth: no stronghold is sufficient to protect you if God is not your refuge.

June 20: Lament and Hope

June 20 Daily Devotional

Lament and hope are not mutually exclusive. We can weep (like David did) and also have an unshakeable confidence that God will come through for us.

June 15: Steadfast Love

June 15 2022 Devotional

When David cried out to God, he didn’t claim to deserve his deliverance. No, he appealed to the only thing he (or anyone) could: God’s “steadfast love.”

June 14: Hiding is Pointless

June 14 2022 Devotional

Many of us feel the need to “sugar-coat” our prayers. May we learn this lesson today: God cherishes honest prayers.

June 13: Favor Like a Shield

June 12 Devotional

Choosing to obey God’s instruction is not an oppressive limitation of freedom but a door that leads us to true joy and liberation.