April 16 (Holy Saturday): Jesus Was Dead

April 16 Holy Week Devotional

Holy Saturday is that moment when our faith is tested and we discover where we have placed our hope: in the changing circumstances of life or in the Word of God.

April 11 (Holy Monday): A Den Of Thieves

April 11 Easter Devotional

If we’re not careful, we can begin to see other people as opportunities to advance our own agenda instead of precious individuals that God has placed in our life to serve.

April 5 (Lent, Day 35): A Blessed Place

April 5 Lent Devotional

These verses describe the city of Zion (ancient Jerusalem), the destination of the pilgrim road. It is a blessed place. And there is one key factor that differentiates it from any other location on earth: it is God’s “resting place”: where he sits enthroned.

April 4 (Lent, Day 34): We Wait, and We Hope

April 4 Lent Devotional

Like the ancient pilgrims who sang these verses, we are also waiting to see God’s kingdom come. And so we wait. And we hope. And in the often confusing in-between we live lives that bring God’s kingdom to this earth as it is in heaven.