February 14: Hide Not Your Face From Me

Hide not your face from me

Just like David, who wrote this Psalm, I think all of us have reached moments when it felt like God was hiding from us.How refreshing to know that we are not alone.

February 13: Seek My Face

Seek my face

Perhaps so many of us feel far from God not because he isn’t near, but because we aren’t actually seeking him.

February 12: I Will Shout For Joy

I will shout for joy

I’m not a very loud person, and shouting really isn’t my thing. But I found the language of Psalm 27:5-6 very refreshing. There’s something powerful in that idea of taking a moment to reflect on God’s faithfulness and to express our gratitude to him.

February 11: One Think I Ask

One thing I ask

I often start my day with several tasks and projects on my mind, and no lack of requests for God. This Psalm reminds me that there is power in seeking one thing.

February 9: Torn In Two

Torn in two

It’s simple: thanks to Jesus we have direct access to God. Remember that today and enter his presence with confidence.

February 8: Imitate Me

Imitate me

Could you tell the people around you to imitate everything you do? Are you confident enough about your way of life to tell others to follow your example?

February 7: I Will Give You Rest

I will give you rest

There are many who have created their own burdens. They think that they will please God through their good deeds and strive every day to be worthy of his love. They are like an animal working in the field that is carrying a yoke too heavy for one alone.

February 5: Little Miracles

Little Miracles

When we focus on “today” we will discover that God is working on our behalf in countless ways that we weren’t even aware of.

February 4: Cursed Ground

Cursed Ground

When we try to become our own God and redefine good and evil for ourselves, we end up stepping outside of the blessing that comes with following God’s word.

February 3: It’s Not Just For Us

It's not just for us

Everything changes when we realize that we are God’s representatives here on earth. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to show others that same love that God generously offered us.

February 2: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

You can't have one without the other

When Jesus said that we need to be reconciled to those we have wronged before offering our gift at the altar (i.e. before worshiping God), I think he was getting at this truth: when it comes to love for God and love for people, you can’t have one without the other.