February 27: Rulers Of The Earth

Rulers of the earth

We can see God’s rule and commands as limits to our freedom and rebel against him, or we can choose to serve him. And of course, when we submit to God’s authority, we will discover that he is not oppressive but a refuge.

February 25: I Have Installed My King

I will install my king

God laughs. Not because he approves of what these rulers and nations are doing. No, he laughs because he knows that although they seem powerful now, their time will run out and their kingdoms will fade.

February 24: A Refuge

A Refuge

We live in a society that defines freedom as the ability to do anything we want and has only one law: do whatever makes you feel good. The only problem with this philosophy is that the Bible teaches us that following all of our whims brings slavery, not freedom.

Psalm 1: A Summary

Psalm 1 Summary

Here is a quick summary of Chapter 1 of the Book of Psalms: the basic idea, the main takeaway, and how to put it into practice.

February 23: Driven By The Wind

Driven by the wind

This passage probably won’t make it onto any calendars or refrigerator magnets, but for those who are willing to listen, it serves as a reminder that the daily decision to build our life on God’s word is of utmost importance.

February 22: In All That You Do

In all that you do

When Psalm 1:3 says, “In all that he does, he prospers,” it’s not only talking about material blessing; I believe it is speaking of prosperity in every sense of the word.

February 21: Seasons


Life consists of seasons. In some seasons we will see visible fruit, and in others we will not. And that is ok. Focus on your source.

February 18: Wait For The Lord

Wait for the Lord

To wait for the Lord is to count on him. To place our confidence in him. To be strong and let our heart take courage. What (or whom) are you waiting for?

February 17: In The Land Of The Living

In the land of the living

We are strangers and exiles on this earth, and we should not seek our reward in this life. That being said, we should not think that God has abandoned us here in this “land of the living.” No, he is with us, and he is good.

February 16: Teach Me Your Way

Teach me your way

Now, God’s way may lead us through the “valley of the shadow of death,” but we can be sure of this: his path is always the safest place to be.