December 31: Things Never Seen Before

Things never seen before

There may be nothing new under the sun, but we serve a God who is not contained by our solar system. He can create something out of nothing and do things never seen before. As we approach the start of a new year, let him give you hope for something new.

December 30: Self-Love Is Not Selfish

Self-love is not selfish

We can only give what we possess. If we are full of anger, it will overflow onto those around us. If we have a healthy love for ourselves, we will be able to give that love to others.

December 29: He Answered Me

He answered me

To draw near to God we just need to understand these basic truths: One – God exists. Two – He is listening. Three – When we seek him we will find him (he is the reward).

December 27: I Don’t Remember

I don't remember

How would your relationship with God change if you actually believed that he didn’t remember your sins? You would probably pray with more confidence and stop beating yourself up for your past mistakes. In other words, you would be freer and closer to God than ever before.

December 26: A Greater Good

A Greater Good

There are many whose greatest good is “grain and new wine,” i.e. prosperity. But there is a joy that comes from something greater than the passing circumstances of life.

December 18 (Advent, Day 21): The God Of Tough Cases

The God of Tough Cases

Today, in this season of Advent, let God give you a holy expectation. Expectation that God will interrupt that person you’ve been praying for like Paul on the road to Damascus. Expectation that he will turn that seemingly impossible situation around.

December 17 (Advent, Day 20): When You Feel Insignificant

When you feel insignificant

Esther was a refugee, living during the period when the Israelites were held in captivity far from their own land. She was also a woman in a highly sexist society. Not exactly the person you would expect to change the course of history.