November 26: An Endless Supply

An endless supply

Meditation on Scripture is a practice that helps us tap into an endless supply, like a tree planted by streams of water.

November 25: Is Anger A Sin?

Is anger a sin?

Emotions like anger that we typically label “negative” are not bad in and of themselves. Rather, like the warning lights on the dashboard of a car, they are simply evidence of what is happening in our soul.

November 24: The Little Details

The Little Details

It is easy to imagine that God has more important things to worry about than the little details of our lives. And yet Psalm 8 emphatically tells us that he loves us.

November 23: Inconvenient Miracles

Inconvenient Miracles

What if we stopped seeing interruptions as a nuisance to avoid and began to see them as opportunities to participate in the healing work that God is doing in this world?

November 22: Don’t Give Up

Don't give up

We don’t know exactly when we’ll see the results we’re looking for, but if we’re consistent in doing good we will reap a harvest.

November 21: Drop The Stones

Drop the stones

How different would our world be if everyone were so busy lifting others up that they didn’t have time to throw stones?

November 20: Somebody Told Me

Somebody told me

It is one thing to have heard about Jesus. It is another thing entirely to know him. Don’t settle for hearsay about God.

November 19: God In The Flesh

God in the flesh

How would our world change if we stopped seeing “the least of these” as a nuisance to society and began to treat them as God in the flesh?

November 18: Too Familiar

Too Familiar

Have you ever felt like you had Jesus completely figured out? So did the people from his hometown, and they limited him by their lack of faith.

November 17: Abide In Me

Abide in me

In a world that celebrates fruit but doesn’t talk much about the process, may we remember that true success only comes from abiding in Jesus.

November 16: The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

In an “eye for an eye” world, Jesus taught us to love our enemies. This becomes easier when we realize that this is exactly how Jesus treated us.